Where & how is LNG used?

Traditionally, LNG has been used as fuel and/or feedstock by various industry sectors viz. paints & dyes, fertilizers & pesticides, plastics, metal processing, pharmaceuticals & chemical, dairy and food processing, agro based industries, electricity generation and many more. Nowadays, LNG, in compressed gas form, as CNG is being used for small automotive applications, and LNG in its liquid form is being used to replace diesel in Heavy Duty Vehicles for long-haul automotive applications.

LNG is warmed up to its gaseous form or re-gasified through vaporizers and can be used in heating, cooking, electricity generation, industrial use, city gas distribution and other uses. It can also be used as an alternative transportation fuel and is directly fired in the engines. There is much more future scope for LNG as it is a good source for sustainable energy.

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