India’s Fastest Growing LNG network

The future of automotive fuel in India!
Ultra Gas & Energy is on a mission to promote green, environmentally friendly fuels that help improve profitability & productivity of private &
commercial vehicles while also reducing air pollution from these vehicles.

We are looking to buy/ lease land (0.75 – 1.5 acres) on national and state highways to set up eco-friendly pumps selling LNG, Bio-LNG and
Compressed Bio-Gas for heavy-duty transport.

If you have land meeting these requirements and are keen to sell/ lease the same, share the details in the form below.
Be an environment savior by helping reduce vehicular pollution in your city and on your highways.

Fill in details of offered land for setting up pump for LNG, Bio-LNG and Compressed Bio-Gas

    I confirm that the data submitted is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

    I understand and agree that this form solely comprises my interest in selling/ leasing my land to Ultra Gas & Energy for their LNG Retail Outlet business and actual site selection will be governed by the company’s business requirement & policies, and will be subject to fulfilment of guidelines laid down by local GDCR / Building Regulations (for sites on city roads) and MORTH (for sites on highways).
    We are committed to ensuring complete confidentiality of the user’s data and no information given to Ultra Gas & Energy Limited will be shared with any other organization or individual without the user’s expressed permission.