Be Essentially Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally sustainable growth will be the norm in the near future

Snow and Ice

Since 2002, Antarctica and Greenland have been losing ice mass at the rate of 150 bn metric ton per year and 278 bn metric ton per year respectively

Sea Level Rise

The rate of rise in global sea levels per year is 3.6 mm (2006-2015), which is more than twice the rate before that (1.4mm/year)

The Air We Breathe

9 out of 10 people globally breathe air containing high level of pollutants

Atmospheric CO2 Level

The global avg. atmospheric CO2 in 2021 is 416 ppm. The level today is higher than any point in at least the past 800,000 years

Global Temperature Rise

19 of the 20 warmest years on record have been recorded since 2001. Avg rate of temperature increase is 0.18°C since 1981, which is twice the rate as per earlier increase

Leading Cause of Death

Globally, air pollution contributed to 9% deaths and is the 4th biggest cause of deaths globally

Ultra Gas & Energy helps you save both, the environment & your capital

Our Eco-friendly Promise

Green Philosophy

Creating value for all stakeholders while protecting the environment is our reason...

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Green Products

We promote adoption of green energy sources which have zero/ lowest emission levels.

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Green Infrastructure

Our infrastructure too is designed on our core philosophy - Green All The Way!

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Green Tech

We use our proprietary AI and IoT technology to optimise our customers’ cost and effort...

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Economically Beneficial

Ultra Gas & Energy helps you save on your energy costs

Speedy CapEx Payback

Capital Expenditure recovery is commensurate to business size, process optimization and associated initiatives

Saving on OpEx

Green fuels allow Operating Expense optimization via fuel swap, residue handling and reduced maintenance expense

Managing OTIF

Reduction in overheads management and carrying cost due to assured on-time green fuel deliveries

Customers We Cater To


For industries using LPG, High Speed Diesel (HSD), Light Diesel Oil (LDO), Furnace Oil (FO), Coal and other non-renewable energy sources as fuel or feed, Ultra Gas & Energy offers a bouquet of green fuels (LNG, Bio-LNG, Compressed Bio-Gas, Compressed CBM), door-delivered to consumption location, as a cost saving and less polluting replacement.

Long Haul Automotive

For Fleet Owners & Fleet Operators of heavy duty, long haul vehicles, Ultra Gas & Energy is setting up a complete ecosystem of green fuel pumps to dispense LNG, Bio-LNG, Compressed Bio-Gas that will help reduce operating costs and increase vehicle productivity.

The Ultra Gas & Energy Advantage

We are your most trusted, reliable & competitive energy partner.
Pan-India operations catering to major industrial parks/ clusters and key trunk routes
Minimized CapEx input by you in your transition to clean, green fuels
Eco-friendly fuel delivered to your consumption location
Economical pricing
AI & IoT enabled systems for auto replenishment & real time order tracking
Flexibility in managing your purchase requirements
Dedicated Relationship Manager for providing seamless solutions for your various fuel requirements

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