Earn Green Profits | 40x ROI

Switching to LNG, with Ultra Gas & Energy, can yield green profits for you. You can get fuel cost savings of upto INR 55 lakh per year, adding up to a saving of ~ INR 11 crore over a 20 year period (based on a 10 TPD LPG consumption).

What's more, Ultra Gas & Energy invests ~90% of the capex, thereby freeing up precious capital for your business growth.
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Get LNG delivered in the remotest locations

Our unique, end-to-end ecosystem has multiple contingency measures built in, to ensure an uninterrupted On-Time, In-Full LNG supply to your plants.

A single point of contact for all fuel requirements makes the entire fuel management process effortless.
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Be future-ready with LNG

LNG is the fuel of the future. It significantly reduces SOx, NOx & carbon emissions compared to conventional fossil fuels.

Be proactive and switch to LNG. Contribute to a cleaner environment even as you save significantly on fuel and opex costs.
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